Monday, August 17, 2015

Little Red Dress

Tuttle Orchards Banana Republic Red Dress Brown and Red Ombre
This weekend I explored Tuttle Orchards with a girlfriend.  I am always excited to find new places in Indianapolis and the surrounding area, so when she asked me if I was down to visit an orchard I jumped on the chance.  I'm sure it had nothing to do with my slight obsession with the move Cider House Rules when I was growing up... Sadly my Toby McGuire lookalike was nowhere to be found, but I did find tons of local produce ready to be snapped up!

After we checked out their farm store, we headed across the street to snap a few pictures.   I wore this red dress because duh, apples.  I haven't featured this dress on In Kinsey's Closet since this post way back in 2010!  I'm glad this dress has stayed a closet staple for me.  I have considered donating it a few times, but I'm very happy that I could break it out today.  

I have been thinking about my "donator's regret" a lot recently.  Sometimes I get a little too overzealous with closet cleanouts.  Personally I have a hard time balancing the rule of "if you haven't worn it in a year donate it" and the irritation I feel when I realize those shoes I sold at a garage sale would have been perfect with a new dress.  Whenever I do a closet purge I box things up and give them to my mom to sell at her famous garage sales.  It has happened on multiple occasions that the following year, as I help her set up her sale, I find an old skirt I wanted to give away and take it back.  I guess I need a new rule: No taksies backsies! 
Red Banana Republic Dress at Tuttle Orchards
Dress|Banana Republic   Bag|Thrifted   Sunglasses|Ray Ban

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E said...

I love visiting orchards and outdoor markets and the outfit you put together is so sweet for the occasion!

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