Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Mini Love

Fall is coming people!  It is coming, and while part of me is super excited for cozy scarves and knee-high boots there is another part of me that is all ohcrapihavesomanyminisihaven'twornyet!  I have scoured my closet for those quintessential summer pieces and I'm trying to give them one last shot before I trade them in for trousers and sweaters.  Sure, I know I can layer a minidress or wear leggings to extend the wear, but there is something about sunshine on bare legs that is making me wish I could push pause on Mother Nature.  I'm sure she wouldn't mind, right?  She seems pretty chill when she's not sending her el nino our way.
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1 comment:

Frannie Pantz said...

This is the sartorial story of my life for every season every single year. LOL Except winter. I am NEVER excited for winter. Love the layering here!