Thursday, August 6, 2015


I don't know if any other style bloggers ever feel like this, but in the past I have wondered if my some of my outfits are "too basic" to blog about.  It doesn't keep me from doing it, but there have been times where I feel like what I'm wearing isn't anything to write home about.  Some bloggers seem to showcase $400 dresses and $800 shoes regularly, and I'm just a normal girl wearing Target and Banana Republic.  I like to feature affordable clothing, because if my readers are anything like me we have better things to spend our paychecks on than $1000 winter coats (like mortgages and outfits for my Scottie Miss Pearl).   

I'm not saying I don't love looking at pretty girls in beautiful clothes, but I really geek out when I see someone wearing a dress they got on sale at Old Navy.  Dude, I can totally get that and not worry about keeping the lights on.  Plus, I am always super impressed when I see a badass blogger rocking something they got at a thrift shop.  Not only do they look unique and beautiful, but they still had change left over from the $10 bill they used to buy their look.  That is way more impressive than featuring a super expensive dress to me.  

Everything featured here is under $100 (minus the bag which was a birthday gift from my awesome mama a few years ago), and most everything was under $30.
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Frannie Pantz said...

NO WAY!!! I am like you--I like looking at the "pretty blogs" but get my true inspiration from regular gals like us who shop at "basic" stores and thrift stores. It's so much more fun! I love this outfit with the plaid and leopard and yellow! SO cute and NOT basic! ;-)

Lenya said...

Beautiful! Love your OOTD. Those heels are the cutest.

xoxo, K said...

I definitely agree. I think there are classes of fashion blogs. I think there are ones you look at for the pretty photos, I think there are "shopping blogs," and I think there are relate-able personal style blogs as well.

I think people look at the first to daydream, the second partly to fulfill aspirations, and the third for inspiration

Simona Neupauerová said...

What a pretty combination dear! Love your shirt! :)

LyddieGal said...

Truthfully, I prefer bloggers with attainable style. It's fun to look someone in a fancy $800 pair of shoes, but at the end of the day, if someone is wearing damn cute shoes from Target that I can go run out and by for myself, I'm much happier.
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