Friday, August 28, 2015

This Old Thing?

I love this dress, and let me tell you why.  Nearly five years ago when I had juuust started dating my now husband, I was living 60 miles away from him in my hometown.  It was our second date and two days before Valentine's Day.  I packed an overnight bag and stayed at my sister's apartment that night figuring I'd drive an hour back home the next morning after our date.  He surprised me by asking me to spend Vday with him, and I happily accepted because I was so into this cute cyclist guy I didn't know much about yet.

That left me with a dilemma.  I had only packed one "date night" outfit when I drove down for the evening, so I either had to make a two hour round trip just to pick up some clothes for the date the next night or go shopping.  I'm sure you guessed it- I went shopping.  I bought an entirely new date night outfit which included this dress, a black blazer and some super cute nude pumps.  I wore them to my date on Valentine's Day and played the whole oh this old thing? card when he told me he liked the dress.  Well it worked didn't it?  He asked to be his girlfriend that night, and our wedding anniversary is in less than a month!
Dress|H&M   Shoes & Clutch|Jessica Simpson Collection   Sunglasses|Ray-Ban


xoxo, K said...

I love pieces of clothing that have memories attached to them. Makes them a bit more special

Frannie Pantz said...

I really love clothes with a story--this is perfect! And perfect for Valentine's Day. You look smashing in it! I'd have asked to be your bf too!