Friday, August 21, 2015

What I Wore | Indiana State Fair

It's that time of year when every Midwestern girl gets amped up for horse shows, free concerts and deep fried everything.  Sure, every state has a state fair but it seems like Indiana just knows how to do it right.  The smell of turkey legs roasting, carmel corn popping and freshly cut grass make for the perfect summer evening.  I try to hit the state fair every year, especially since I live a stone's throw from the fairgrounds.  A quick hop on my bike and I'm there in no time.  Plus the ride home helps me burn of 1/1000th of the calories I consumed sampling all the great fair food.  My newest fair fave?  This peach cider slush.  All it was missing was a little rum...

Just like for my recent day trip to Chicago comfort came first.  It was quite warm before the sunset, so I wanted something that I could breathe in. Plus I needed my outfit to be roomy to accommodate my fair food baby. How about this tribal print jumpsuit I scored from the clearance section at Target last week?  Less than $13?  I like that price tag almost as much as I like that peach cider slush!   
Indiana State Fair outfit
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Frannie Pantz said...

I'm so bummed that we had to miss the fair this year. It just didn't work out. I do love your jumpsuit though! It is adorable on you!

xoxo, K said...

I haven't made it to the fair in quite awhile as I lived in St. Louis from 2008-2014 and they don't really do that there. I am bummed I missed it my first year back. I actually drove by it quite a few times too.

And oh how a ferris wheel photo will always make my heart smile.