Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Boot

Anyone remember this dress from a few weeks ago?  Well it's no secret that when I find something I love I snatch it up in every color!  This dress is no exception!  I purchased it in early 2011 and have worn it (and it's pink counterpart) pretty regularly ever since.  I love the romantic ruffles and flattering cut.   This time I paired the dress with some knee high boots (full disclosure: I am hiding a few gnarly bruises on my legs thanks to a rough excursion at the bark park this week!) and my go to brown backpack.  Also gotta rock that side-pony because that's the way 11 year old Kinsey likes it!
Dress|H&M   Boots|Blossom   Bag|Olive+Joy   Glasses|Ray-Ban

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Unknown said...

I take my photos here sometimes too :) buuuut you prolly already knew that. One of these days we're going to show up there at the same time and have to fight over it.

~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life