Thursday, November 5, 2015

9 Cold Weather Style Tips That Every Woman Can Try

With winter coming up soon, it's time to drag the winter coats from the back of our closets and unpack our boxes of tights.  Say bye bye to the sundresses and hello to your scarves. Here are some of the best cold weather style tips  that any woman can try!

1) Go for monochromatic looks
This can be a safe style for anyone, depending on the color you choose.  It's a lot easier to rock an all black ensemble than feature head to toe red.  Stick with neutrals if you're a bit more conservative.

2) A bold cold weather coat
This is where I really like to spice things up.  I gravitate toward bright colors or bold patterns when choosing winter coats.  What fun is dressing cute when you just throw on a basic black pea coat over everything?

3) Pattern Mixing
It doesn't have to be cold for you to have fun mixing and matching your favorite patterns, but cooler temps allow more opportunities to layer.  If you're new to pattern mixing, start with mixing two patterns that feature the same colors to play it safe.  If you're bolder, the sky's the limit!

4) Put a hat on it
Whether is is a beanie, a beret or a floppy brimmed hat, anything that tops your head is going to keep you warm.  Why not grab a hat that will make you feel chic and stylish?  It is also the ultimate three-day hair tamer.  What greasy roots?

5) Brightly colored or patterned tights
Basic black tights are always a chic choice, but don't lose out on a chance to inject some more color into your wardrobe.  Colored tights are a great way to keep warm and extend the life of your favorite dresses and skirts.

6) Raid your grandmother's closet
"Granny sweaters" and cardigans have left the retirement home and taken up residence in your closet.  Don't worry about appearing dated, these sweaters are on trend this winter.

7) Stay comfortable in a poncho
These aren't your parents' hippie ponchos.  We are talking about chic and comfortable ways to stay warm and stylish this winter.  You can belt them to give yourself more structure or wear it loose to accommodate those holiday meals!

8) Layer, layer, layer!
Do you have a warm weather dress that you love?  Hate sticking it in the back of your closet three seasons a year?  Layers are your best friend here.  Whether you're layering a jacket or cardigan over or putting a classic button up underneath, you get a lot more bang for your buck (and styling options) when you layer.

9) Invest in knee-high boots
Stylish boots are a must in the cold weather.  Investing in a versatile pair can be a great way to have both professional work and sexy date night footwear.  I have these beloved boots in three colors so that I can wear them almost daily in the winter.  

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