Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Pink and Blue Pattern Mixing

Please excuse these pasty gams!  They haven't seen sunlight in a while! (Mental note to self: pick up some self tanner ASAP!)

I try not to play favorites, but I am breaking my rule today.  This is one of my favorite pattern combinations ever!  I am a big fan of pattern mixing to begin with, and this combo just gets me.  The bright blues and pinks tie together perfectly for me.  I have to emphasize that because I got some looks today in this getup.  Mostly people giving me the oh that poor girl got dressed in the dark look I have come accustomed to over the years.  

I have received lot of comments like "oh I would have never thought to pair those things together".  Some of them have been very sweet and meant as a compliment, and others have been very backhanded with mean intentions.  I think anyone with their own style rules has to deal with these looks and comments from time to time.  They don't bother me anymore, because I wear what I love and have learned the art of tuning people out nicely. 
Dress|Merona   Coat|AGB   Shoes&Bag| Coach

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