Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wild Thing

It is not my style to buy something I only intend to wear once.  I will rarely go buy an outfit for a specific event, because over time I have amassed something for almost any occasion.  This jumpsuit was originally planned as an exception to this rule.  I bought it in the summer of 2014 to wear to a concert thinking I probably wouldn't wear it again.  Boy was I wrong.  Not only did I wear this to the concert, but I've found several ways to make this work since then.  Trust me when I say that finding ways to wear a leopard print jumpsuit is a real task!  This little gem is definitely getting tucked away in my suitcase when I travel to Vegas for my 30th next year!
Jumpsuit|Jennifer Lopez   Turtleneck|Charlotte Russe   Bag|Jessica Simpson   Heels|Alfani   Belt|Limited   Glasses|Vintage

1 comment:

Frannie Pantz said...

In LOVE with this jumpsuit and this look! I love when items turn out to be so versatile!