Friday, January 29, 2016

Styling a Basic Black Pencil Skirt

Oh hey.  I didn't see you there.  I'm just chilling in a parking garage NBD.  

This outfit marks the return of the pencil skirt for me.  For a few years I would figure out a way to wear a pencil skirt to every occasion because I just loved them.  I still do, but I made the decision to focus on switching up silhouettes and that meant tucking away some of my beloved skirts for awhile.  The last time I pulled one out was back in August.   So for today's look I paired an orange tie-neck blouse with a dotted cardigan and finished everything off with pair of leopard print heels.  
Blouse&Cardigan|Merona   Skirt|Limited   Clutch|Vintage   Heels|BCBG   Coat|Old Navy   Glasses|Firmoo

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Shades of Grey

Well it may not be 50, but this outfit features two very similar shades of grey.  This cowl neck sweater is one of my all time favorite cold weather staples.  I purchased it over five years ago at an H&M and brought it's camel colored brother home with him.  I was searching for a skirt to pair with this comfy top when I came across this skirt I haven't worn in years.  Like probably since 2010.  It has survived multiple closet clean outs because I loved the color and the tulle peaking out the bottom.  Every time I do a purge I actively talk myself out of donating this skirt.  Please tell me I am not the only one who does this!
Sweater|H&M   Skirt|Gap   Shoes&Coat|Jessica Simpson   Clutch|Coach   Glasses|Firmoo

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Cats and Dogs

This was the casual look I wore when I took my pup Peabody to see his best friend the V-E-T.  I have made the mistake of wearing heels or a dress when taking a pet to the vet and I alway regret it.  Whether I am chasing him around, side stepping pee puddles or just getting covered in fur I need to be comfortable.  This old cashmere sweater and these leopard print flats are just what the doctor ordered.  

Speaking of these flats, how well does my mamacita know me?  She always keeps her eye out for things she knows I will like.  She surprised me with these at Christmas and I was so excited I literally yelped when I opened them.  Leather leopard print flats are what my closet was missing!  Paired with my new cat eye prescription glasses, they give my casual look a retro feel.
Sweater|Vintage   Jeans|Gap   Flats&Bag|Coach   Glasses|Firmoo

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sally Jessy

Growing up I was hooked on those cheesy talk shows that used to come on after school.  Phil Donahue, Montel and especially Sally Jessy Raphael.  That woman knew how to rock a pair of red rimmed glasses like nobody's business.  I started wearing glasses around age 5, and I vividly recall wanting my mom to let me get a pair of thick red rimmed glasses so I could be like Sally Jessy.  I also wanted confetti glasses so I could "fit in at Chi-Chis" but that's another story.  My mom denied me my only wish of resembling my talk show idol, so now that I am an adult and can make adult decisions I got my own red glasses.  Take that mom!
Flannel&Peplum|Mossimo   Trousers|Old Navy   Bag|Coach   Pumps|Jessica Simpson   Glasses|Firmoo

Thursday, January 21, 2016


Shout out to my girlfriend Alyssa who volunteered to stand out in the freezing cold and take these pictures for me.  Usually I have to bribe my husband or use my trusty tripod and remote to take pictures myself.  I feel lucky to have friends in my life that not only support this little style blog, but turn into popsicles helping me!
Sweater|Old Navy   Skirt|H&M   Shoes|Jessica Simpson   Coat|Kristen Blake   Belt&Clutch|Macy's   Glasses|borrowed   Beret|Limited

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Ghetto Adjacent

One of the things that happens when you become a style blogger is that you start a never ending quest for good photo shoot locations.  You want somewhere interesting, but somewhat private.  It's best to keep it outdoors even in the freezing cold months and sweltering summer.   So I often find myself scanning every wall and alley while I'm driving around town checking for my next location. 

I always prefer those grimy locations that are ghetto adjacent and have great peeling paint, rough brick and lots of character.  The problem with places like this is that they don't really last long around here.  As soon as I find a great location and start dreaming of outfits to shoot there I see dumpsters and construction vans outside.  I'm all about beautifying and revitalizing my beloved city, but can't a girl catch a break?!
Dress&Bag|thrift   Coat|Merona   Tights|HUE   Booties|Style&Co.   

Friday, January 15, 2016

Road Trip Memories

Five years ago I was in the middle of a cross country drive from Seattle to Indiana.  I had lived in Seattle for a few years while attending graduate school before deciding to move closer to home.  I mailed a lot of my stuff home and packed what clothes I'd need for the trip in the back of my car and road tripped across the country with my dad.   I'm sort of a last-minute packer, and it's not unusual for me to get to my destination and realize I forgot to pack something like my glasses or socks.  For this trip I packed a little too well and actually sent all my winter coats ahead in the mail leaving me with NO COAT for the week long journey across America (in January folks)!  Luckily I had recently purchased this sweater and it acted as my winter coat for over 2,000 miles.  I think about that every time I wear this Urban Outfitters sweater!
Dress&Belt|Banana Republic   Sweater|Urban Outfitters   Boots|Blossom   Bag|Coach

Thursday, January 14, 2016

How to Look Stylish and Feel Cozy in Winter

Every winter I seem to have the same struggle: do I dress cozy or stylish when the temperature dips below freezing?  Somehow my heels just don't look right with fleece lined snow pants.  Some days I just give up on trying to achieve anything on the chic spectrum and just settle for not dying of hypothermia.  However, some days I get it together and try achieve the winter holy grail: looking both stylish and cozy at the same time!

This look achieves both of these goals for me.  My favorite print, a bold bag, red lip and classic lines keep this look stylish.  Leather gloves, a knit cap and a warm turtleneck keep me feeling cozy.  The best of both worlds!  
Coat|Merona   Turtleneck|J.Crew   Jeans|Mossimo   Bag|Coach   Gloves|Ralph Lauren   Cap|Columbi   Glasses|Ray-Ban

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Gold Medal

This weekend we had our first "real snow" of the winter.  Little flurries had fallen here and there, but this was the first time we got any real ground coverage.  Lucky for high heels lovers like me the snow covered a nice layer of ice and made it almost impossible to walk steadily until temps warmed up in the afternoon.  I wanted to wear my trusty snow boots and sweat pants to work, but I chose leather instead.  They should give gold medals for things like this!  I should at least get a participant ribbon for wearing lipstick instead of a ski mask.

Top|Merona   Skirt}Limited   Coat|Mossimo   Boots|Steve Madden   Bag|Vontage   Gloves|Nordstrom

Monday, January 11, 2016

Can I Hit Rewind?

There is something depressing about posting pictures that were taken on a wonderful Friday afternoon (my birthday to be exact) on a cold and snowy Monday morning.  Friday afternoons are the best aren't they?  Nothing standing between you, your man and Netflix and chill for two and half days.  BUT then I look at these pictures and am reminded that I'm at the start of another week during which snow is predicted several times!  Can I hit rewind please?
Sweater&Skirt|Limted   Belt|Banana Republic  Flats|Merona   Clutch|Michael Kors