Thursday, January 14, 2016

How to Look Stylish and Feel Cozy in Winter

Every winter I seem to have the same struggle: do I dress cozy or stylish when the temperature dips below freezing?  Somehow my heels just don't look right with fleece lined snow pants.  Some days I just give up on trying to achieve anything on the chic spectrum and just settle for not dying of hypothermia.  However, some days I get it together and try achieve the winter holy grail: looking both stylish and cozy at the same time!

This look achieves both of these goals for me.  My favorite print, a bold bag, red lip and classic lines keep this look stylish.  Leather gloves, a knit cap and a warm turtleneck keep me feeling cozy.  The best of both worlds!  
Coat|Merona   Turtleneck|J.Crew   Jeans|Mossimo   Bag|Coach   Gloves|Ralph Lauren   Cap|Columbi   Glasses|Ray-Ban

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