Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sally Jessy

Growing up I was hooked on those cheesy talk shows that used to come on after school.  Phil Donahue, Montel and especially Sally Jessy Raphael.  That woman knew how to rock a pair of red rimmed glasses like nobody's business.  I started wearing glasses around age 5, and I vividly recall wanting my mom to let me get a pair of thick red rimmed glasses so I could be like Sally Jessy.  I also wanted confetti glasses so I could "fit in at Chi-Chis" but that's another story.  My mom denied me my only wish of resembling my talk show idol, so now that I am an adult and can make adult decisions I got my own red glasses.  Take that mom!
Flannel&Peplum|Mossimo   Trousers|Old Navy   Bag|Coach   Pumps|Jessica Simpson   Glasses|Firmoo

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Frannie Pantz said...

Myself I was obsessed with Rikki Lake. I even named my kitten after her! I love the glasses! And the pattern mixing!