Monday, January 4, 2016


This weekend I got an early birthday surprise from my sister Rachel.  She invited me down to her side of town for a lovely brunch, some shopping and a surprise massage!  It felt so nice to spend some quality time with her before my niece is born next month, and it felt especially great to get pampered.  While she didn't tell me what we'd be doing for my birthday surprise, she told me to "dress comfy".  What is more comfy than a nice soft denim?  That is, aside from the sweatpants I barely let my husband see me in, much less the public?  

I picked these flares up over the weekend thanks to a giftcard Santa left me in my stocking.   They were only $20! About six years ago, sure that the flare trend was dead forever, I donated all my flares to the Goodwill.  Some lady is walking around my hometown looking up to date in all my old flares while I have only the one new pair!  It goes to show that at some point almost everything will come back in style.  I wonder what other trends I abandoned at my local Goodwill are coming back in 2016?!
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