Monday, February 15, 2016

I Let My Husband Dress Me For a Week

I am lucky to be married to a guy with a great sense of style.  He knows what works for him, and seems to be confident whether he is wearing a custom tux or sweatpants.   I have been dying to hand over control of my closet over to him because I knew he could put together some really killer looks.  Here's what happened when I let my husband dress me for a week!

Why he picked this outfit: "I picked this outfit because I think Kinsey is really stunning in the color purple, and the cream waffle knit cardigan really goes well with this sweater to make it a seasonally sensible look.  I dig knee-high boots with tight indigo jeans, I thought she would look really good with this combo.  I believe this is something Kinsey would pick for herself, put perhaps not with the jewelry additions.  This is one of my favorite weekend looks."

What I thought: I'm not sure I ever would have put this outfit together.  It seems a little simple, but the addition of the necklace takes it up a notch.  I wouldn't have thought to pair a statement necklace with such a basic look, but it actually makes it pop.  I like the thought he put into this look though.  He was trying to glam up a casual look so that I was comfortable, but didn't feel "basic". This outfit was perfect for running errands and getting the house ready for Super Bowl guests!  

Why he picked this outfit: "This selection was based on pattern mixing.  I know from taking dozens of blog shoots over the years that Kinsey likes to combine patters for an eclectic look.  This was my approach on pattern mixing; I have a fondness for polka dots, so this was the key element to build around.  I just went for it and hoped it stuck!"

What I thought: I totally would have chosen this outfit for myself!  In fact, I actually did way back in April 2015!  I loved the pattern mixing here, and adding a blazer made this a great work outfit.   I felt comfortable all day, because I know that Scot put a lot of effort into choosing pieces I would love.  This marble print skirt is one of my favorites simply because I have never seen anyone else in something like it, and pairing it with polka dots in the same color family made for a "me" look!


Why he picked this outfit: "This was my favorite outfit for the week; I went for a contemporary spin on the 1940's WWII Betty Bomber look with a versatile dress, pantyhose, and vintage wingtip heels.  I kept to the Earth-tones with matching belt and a bronze bracelet.  I really like this look a lot and I hope Kinsey goes back for this look on a date!"

What I thought: I love love love this look!  This dress is one of my favorites, but I don't think I would have ever thought to pair it with these shoes!  I actually forgot I owned them, and they were buried in the depths of my shoe closet.  I think Scot did a great job of putting together a classically timeless look that I actually want to wear again.  I was nervous to wear pantyhose because I have long associated them with grannies, but they were sheer and actually helped to keep me warm!

Why he picked this outfit: "This was another attempt at pattern mixing, but with my own twist this time.  I really like these skinny royal blue, hounds tooth carpris with a pair of black heels - a smart look.  A simple white blouse under the beautiful patterned wool shawl (that I actually picked up in Germany as a gift) really makes a this outfit a bold statement.  I don't think many women could pull off this look, but I know Kinsey, she will be getting compliments all day long!"

What I thought:  I'll be honest that I was a little hesitant with this look at first!  I have worn this shawl with basic black before to really let it shine, so pairing it with these patterned trousers was a departure for me.  I love a challenge, and I love pattern mixing so I just went with it- and I actually received several compliments on this getup!  Several people went out of their way to tell me they thought I looked nice or that they liked the outfit.  I had to give credit to Scot, because I wouldn't have thought to chose this look for myself.  

Why he picked this outfit:  "To wrap things up this week, and in the spirit of St. Valentines Day, I went with a casual look that could still turn heads.  Kinsey recently picked up a pair of indigo bell-bottom flair jeans that I really like, and this red blouse of heart is near and dear to my heart, as it's the same blouse Kinsey was wearing the very fist time we met.  Put a Southwestern styled cardigan with it for keeping warm!"

What I thought:  I love this heart blouse, though I rarely wear it because I worry I am too old for a pattern like this.  It always reminds me of my very first date with my husband, because I paired it with some dark jeans and boots to meet him for dinner five years ago.  I would never have thought to pair it with the cardigan he paired with it, and I don't really think the patterns go together very well.  I love pattern mixing, but these prints were different colors and themes so I found myself covering up the cardigan with my coat.   I am glad he picked these jeans though, because they are my absolute favorite right now!

Wrap Up
After a week of picking out my clothes I was interested to know how Scot felt about the process.  While he was assembling my looks at the start of the week he commented that it was difficult to put some outfits together because I lacked a lot of neutral basics and instead had tons of patterns and bold prints.  When asked about the hardest part of the challenge he said "Imagining how each outfit would look on Kinsey, it was hard to judge the outfit just laying out on the bed."  So what did he learn from this challenge? " I learned that my sense of style isn't that bad and I know my wife!"

I learned that my husband actually pays attention to not only what I wear, but how I wear it.  He remembered the ole' wear a dress as a shirt trick, and knew how much I loved to mix prints.  He was actually a lot more thoughtful in picking out my outfits then I thought he may be.  He knew when I needed a casual look, and he was sure to give me a fun look when he knew I was having a girls' night out!  

Favorite Looks
   Scot's Favorite                                                                                 Kinsey's Favorite
We both agreed on Tuesday's look! I loved this look!  It was perfectly me.  On a sad note, the day after this challenge my puppy got to these beautiful shoes and ripped them to shreds.  RIP cute shoes! 

Least Favorite Looks
  Scot's Least Favorite                                                             Kinsey's Least Favorite

Scot says "Monday's look, and not because it was bad or I didn't like it, but mainly because I went conservative with something I knew Kinsey might pick for herself."  He was right!  I had chosen this outfit for myself back in the spring minus the blazer and tights.  He knows my style though!  My least favorite was Thursday's look because I didn't think the patterns matched.  I am all for some funky pattern mixing, but these two were just too different for me.

So here is my takeaway:  This was a great experiment, and I can't wait to do it again when the weather warms up a bit.  I found it so interesting to hear why he chose the styles he did.  The few people I told about the challenge insisted that they could never trust their partner to dress them, so I was thankful I lucked out with a stylish hubby!  And what did Scot think? "This was really a fun and interesting couples' experiment - one that I would recommend doing to learn something new about your partner!  I think it would be great if the tables were turned for a week... you're up Kinsey!"


Kaelyn Choo said...

What a great (and brave) idea! Kudos to your hubby as I think he did a pretty great job :) Lucky you ;)

Have a great weekend,


Julie Khuu | Haute Khuuture said...

That is so cute and what a brilliant move on your part! Guys just don't see what we see and I hate to admit it, but sometimes they're right! Loving all the pattern mixing and fitted combos!

Thank you for the visit hun, the entire blog’s been redesigned!
Would love to get your thoughts!

Xx- Julie

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