Friday, February 12, 2016

My Husband Dress Me: Hearts on Fire

I can almost hear Miranda Priestly saying "Hearts for Valentine's Day? Groundbreaking." 

Why he picked this outfit:  "To wrap things up this week, and in the spirit of St. Valentines Day, I went with a casual look that could still turn heads.  Kinsey recently picked up a pair of indigo bell-bottom flair jeans that I really like, and this red blouse of heart is near and dear to my heart, as it's the same blouse Kinsey was wearing the very fist time we met.  Put a Southwestern styled cardigan with it for keeping warm!"

What I thought:  I love this heart blouse, though I rarely wear it because I worry I am too old for a pattern like this.  It always reminds me of my very first date with my husband, because I paired it with some dark jeans and boots to meet him for dinner five years ago.  I would never have thought to pair it with the cardigan he paired with it, and I don't really think the patterns go together very well.  I love pattern mixing, but these prints were different colors and themes so I found myself covering up the cardigan with my coat.   I am glad he picked these jeans though, because they are my absolute favorite right now!

Blouse|Charlotte Russe   Jeans|Mossimo   Cardigan|Eddie Bauer   Coat|Kristen Blake   Heels|Jessica Simpson   Bag|Coach   Glasses|Ray-Ban

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