Tuesday, February 9, 2016

My Husband Dressed Me: Snow Day

We've had some beautiful weather in Indiana recently, but our luck has run out.  Yesterday it got cold and started to flurry.  Scot had checked the daily forecast and made sure I had a blazer and tights to keep me warm(ish) for the predicted snow day.  The clouds even started spitting out flakes while we did this shoot!

Why he picked this outfit: "This selection was based on pattern mixing.  I know from taking dozens of blog shoots over the years that Kinsey likes to combine patters for an eclectic look.  This was my approach on pattern mixing; I have a fondness for polka dots, so this was the key element to build around.  I just went for it and hoped it stuck!"

What I thought: I totally would have chosen this outfit for myself!  In fact, I actually did way back in April 2015!  I loved the pattern mixing here, and adding a blazer made this a great work outfit.   I felt comfortable all day, because I know that Scot put a lot of effort into choosing pieces I would love.  This marble print skirt is one of my favorites simply because I have never seen anyone else in something like it, and pairing it with polka dots in the same color family made for a "me" look!
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