Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My Husband Dressed Me: What I Thought I'd Never Wear Again

I did a recent closet purge and I figured that I had rid myself of every item I haven't worn in the past year.  Oh boy way I wrong.  This outfit features something I haven't worn in nearly 7 years yet somehow survived every closet purge I've had in that time.  PANTYHOSE!  I used to basically own stock in L'eggs because I had to wear pantyhose with my costume when I was a performer in college.  Since that time a few pairs have managed to stick around in my tights drawer despite the fact I never wear them.  Scot singled them out to keep me warm with a shorter hemline.  

Why he picked this outfit: "This was my favorite outfit for the week; I went for a contemporary spin on the 1940's WWII Betty Bomber look with a versatile dress, pantyhose, and vintage wingtip heels.  I kept to the Earth-tones with matching belt and a bronze bracelet.  I really like this look a lot and I hope Kinsey goes back for this look on a date!"

What I thought: I love love love this look.  This dress is one of my favorites, but I don't think I would have ever thought to pair it with these shoes!  I actually forgot I owned them, and they were buried in the depths of my shoe closet.  I think Scot did a great job of putting together a classically timeless look that I actually want to wear again.  I was nervous to wear pantyhose because I have long associated them with grannies, but they were sheer and actually helped to keep me warm!
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