Thursday, March 3, 2016

Neon Lights

Hello!  I have had a bit of an unintentionally blogging break thanks to some camera issues, but I am happy to be back to documenting my style.  I find that if I am not actively blogging then my outfits can become a little more basic.  I like the extra push I get from blogging!

Here is my new favorite skirt!  It is definitely not something I would typically buy, but when I saw it on super sale  I snatched it up in a hot minute.  I used to have a neon yellow pencil skirt that is floating around someone else's closet thanks to an unfortunate Goodwill donation decision.   I miss it dearly, so this is the next best thing!  When Scot dressed me for a week, this skirt was the most surprising thing he found in my closet!
Chambray|Gap   Skirt|Limited   Sandals|Aldo   Jacket|Banana Republic   Bag|Coach   Sandals|Aldo   Glasses|Ray-Ban

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