Monday, July 18, 2016


This weekend was much needed and well deserved.  Sunday was a lazy day spent checking out a new neighborhood and enjoying some sweet treats (it was National Ice Cream day after all)!  In getting ready for my casual day I didn't put too much thought into my look and ended up with a Basic B look.  Sometimes a girl just needs to put on her basic outfit and hang out with her people, ya know? No fancy pattern mixing, no crazy heels.  Just a tee and cotton skirt.  Easy peasy mac and cheesy! 

I realized only while putting this post together that literally everything I am wearing is from Tarjay.  I bet my hair tie was even picked up there at some point!
Tee/Skirt|Mossimo   Backpack|Meorona   Sandals/Necklace|xhiliration

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