Wednesday, August 10, 2016


BYOB= Bring your own bridesmaid dress!

Earlier this summer I was in one of my best girlfriend's wedding.  She allowed us each to pick our own dresses (insert praise hand emoji here!) as long as they were short and navy.  Each bridesmaid was able to pick something in her own style and price range along with what worked for her body.  Hallelujah!  

I chose this little number from ModCloth and was extremely happy with it! First of all, I have already worn it several times so it's been worth every penny.  No "oh you'll totes wear it again" bull with this dress!  Since I picked it out, I know I love it and will wear it over and over again!  I'm happy to have this dress hanging in my closet next time I have a wedding to attend or want a cute date night look. 
Dress|ModCloth   Shoes|American Rag   Bag|Limited   Sunglasses|Vogue

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