Friday, August 12, 2016

Hot and Cold

Here's the dilemma:  During the summer it can be sweltering and humid outside, but like an ice box in your office because the AC is cranked.  It's tough to dress appropriately for both outdoors and work because you'll either be sweating of freezing your butt off!  I keep an "office cardi" at work in case I get chilly, but I don't think the answer to this problem is "put a cardigan on it".  

So this is a perfect example of an outfit that kept me toasty at work, and made me want to jump into a pool the second I stepped outside.  There has to be a happy medium that doesn't simply involve putting a cardigan on.  That reminds me of when every girl I knew got jobs out of college and their idea of work wear was black pants, a party top and a cardigan layered over to make it "office appropriate".  No.  No no no.  

This look features one of my all time favorite skirts that I thrifted from Goodwill last year.  Cute AND cheap?  My favorite combination! Into this skirt I tucked this trusty sweater I picked up six or seven years ago on sale at Old Navy.  This also falls into my trusty cute and cheap category.  Seriously, what's better than scoring something cute for a steal?!

See how I styled this sweater before here.  See how I styled this skirt before here.

Sweater|Old Navy   Skirt|Thrift   Heels&Bag|Coach   Glasses|Kenneth Cole

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Veronika Novotny said...

Yes, so tricky dressing for the office + the outdoors! Luckily, I controlled the temps at my last office. Thank goodness! And love this skirt, pretty sure I need a pink pencil skirt, ASAP! xo