Saturday, October 29, 2016

Fall Duos

If you know anything about personal aesthetic you know I love a good mixed print.  Stripes are essentially neutrals in my book, so it was a no brainer to pair this turtleneck sweater with my favorite buffalo plaid winter coat.  I tucked the sweater into some basic black jeans and threw on a nude pump for a super easy pattern mixed look.  I can't tell if I like this outfit or the beautiful fall backdrop better!
Coat|Merona   Sweater|Arizona   Jeans|Gap   Shoes|Jessica Simpson   Bag|Coach   Glasses|Betsey Johnson

Thursday, October 27, 2016


I am a big fan of thrifting.  What I love more than thrifting is telling someone who asks where I got an item of clothing "Oh this thing?  Got it for less than 3 bucks at Goodwill!"  Some of my most unique and commented on pieces are things I picked up for pennies on the dollar at a second hand shop.  Both this skirt and scarf were picked up for less than $6 total at thrift shops.  I encourage everyone to scour the racks every once in a while.  Sometimes you leave with nothing, but when you do find a treasure it makes it all worth it!

What is your favorite second hand treasure?
Top|Mossimo   Skirt|Thrifted   Scarf|Thrifted   Pumps|Jessica Simpson Collection   Bag|Coach   Sunglasses|Charming Charlie

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Shades of Brown

Alternate post title could be "How many different shades of brown can I cram into one outfit?"  When I was younger I used to worry that mixing different shades of the same color would look weird.  I wonder how much time I spent thinking about if things worked during my teenage years, because these days the only thought that goes into my outfits is do I like it?
Jacket|Banana Republic   Dress|Old Navy   Booties|Style&Co.   Bag|Coach   Beret|Limited   Scarf|H&M

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Same Old Same Old

No matter how hard I try I keep coming back to my beloved black, white and red color combination once the first leaf hits the ground each fall.  It could be blamed on the fact that I have a ton of these colors hanging in my cold weather closet.  In the past I have actively tried to resist going back to these same colors over and over again because I wanted to "keep it interesting", and especially so that I didn't have the same thing each day on IKC.  It almost felt like I kept going back to a bad boyfriend no matter how much I wanted to stay away. 

However, now I feel differently.  Now I can just accept that I have a winter aesthetic that I love and it aligns with my person style really well.  I don't have to go out of my way to mix it up if I don't want to, because I generally have variety in my wardrobe.  According to my least favorite saying of all time "it is what it is".
Sweater|Banana Republic   Top|Old Navy   Skirt|Mossimo   Tights|HUE   Boots|Steve Madden   Bag|Coach   Hat|Merona

Monday, October 24, 2016

Speedy Autumn

Perfect fall weather lasts approximately 2.3 days here in Indiana.  Aside from those few perfect days you either face days that are too warm to show off that new scarf you bought or too cold forcing you to layer underneath your winter coat.  However, you take what you can get.  I remember living in Seattle and missing so much the changing seasons because there are only two seasons in Seattle: gray and raining.  I'll take my speedy Autumn any day!
Sweater|Mossimo   Skirt|Banana Republic   Tights|HUE   Scarf|   Hat|j.jill   Bag|Coach

Friday, October 21, 2016

The Bright Side

Something terrible happened this morning.  Truly tragic.  I got dressed, opened my front door and realized that for the first time all year I needed... a winter coat!  You always know this day is coming, but every year it comes too soon.  On the bright side (literally) if I have to wear a winter coat, it might as well be this yellow wool number!  One of the only things that makes cold weather tolerable is shielding yourself from it with a cute overcoat, amirite?!
Coat|Old Navy   Blouse|Merona   Chambray(dress)|Lauren Conrad   Belt&Skirt|Banana Republic   Bag|Coach   Pumps|Jessica Simpson Collection   Glasses|Charming Charlie

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Beanie Baby

True confession: I was a Beanie Baby collector when I was a kid.  Not like a "this is my retirement account" collector, but more like the kind of kid who would bring my BBs to school and sit them on my desk.  Oh, the cringe!  These days I am sticking to the kind of beanie I put on my head, not my desk.  A little less cringeworthy, no?
Dress|F21   Jacket|Loft   Booties|Merona   Bag|Coach   Cap|Limited   Necklace|Charming Charlie

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Long and the Short of It

This Banana Republic sweater has consistently been one of the most difficult items for me to style over the past several seasons.  It's oversize and cropped which can equal frumpy and unflattering if styled incorrectly.  This bad boy is essentially the land mine of clothing!  Very careful stepping necessary.  Check out how I've worn it before here and here. Today I paired it with this cobalt blue maxi dress.  As Kim K would say "I'm feeling my look". 
Dress|Old Navy   Sweater|Banana Republic   Bag|Coach   Pin|Vintage   Glasses|Ivanka Trump   Sandals|xhiliration

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Blue Suede Skirt

I told you I have a thing for suede skirts.  They rank right up there on my list of favorite things following my hubs, my pups and a nice pinot.  As soon as I saw this skirt outft ideas started swirling in my head.  I can't wear this skirt without mentally breaking out into the old Elvis tune "Blue Suede Shoes".   If he were alive today I'm pretty sure he'd be singing about this skirt. I ended up pairing it with a simple white tee and this statement jacket.  Sometimes less is more.  You'll see this little gal on repeat all fall and winter long! 
Shirt|Hanes   Skirt|Alfani   Sandals|xhiliration   Jacket|AGB   Clutch|Thrifted