Thursday, October 13, 2016

Polka Party

Every time a new season begins I get a may-jah case of the "I wants".  I want new boots.  I want new skirts.  I want new dresses.  I want want want.  This is a bad thing, because I have plenty and I am lucky to have what I do.  When I get the feeling that I would like more, I have learned to turn to my bff Pinterest and just type in the name of items I have and like and look for style inspiration.  I usually walk away with a new outfit combination I had never thought of, or find a new way to wear an old item.  It hadn't ever occurred to me to layer two button ups, and I was able to create new double polka dot pattern mix!  It keeps me grateful and happy with what I have.  How do you get inspired to make do with what you have?
Chambray|Gap   Polka dot top|Merona   Skirt|Thrifted   Shoes|Bandolino   Bag|Thrifted   
Glasses|Charming Charlie

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