Wednesday, November 30, 2016


We are officially entering that time of year where only little slivers of skin can be exposed before you turn into a human popsicle!  I had to break out gloves for the first time this year, and the fact that they are cute knit mittens lessens the blow!  
Coat/Mittens|Old Navy  Turtleneck|Mossimo   Jeans|Gap   Tights|HUE   Booties|Merona   Bag|Italian Market

Monday, November 28, 2016

Maroon + Blush Pink

This weekend Indiana was blessed with that crisp fall weather that is not quite winter-esque yet.  It made for nice walks around the neighborhood during the day and perfect couch snuggling weather by night. This is what I wore for a sushi date and a Gilmore Girls marathon binge sesh.  I love the mix of maroon and blush pink!  This was one of the 4 outfits I tried on Thanksgiving morning and vetoed in favor of tights and slip on sneakers so that I could roll around with my niece after dinner.  It almost made the Thanksgiving day cut, so I just wore it later in the weekend!
Turtleneck|Mossimo  Beret|j.jill   Skirt|Banana Republic   Tights|Merona   Boots|Style&Co

Monday, November 21, 2016

All Good

Black and blue go together like macaroni and cheese.  Who doesn't love this combination?  I'll admit that there was a time when I followed "color combination rules" and wouldn't mix black and blue (oh high school...), but who cares about any of that anymore? Aside from mixing different shades of black (because I look like I got dressed in the dark) I don' have any dos and don'ts about color mixing.  It's all good in my book!
Coat|Merona   Sweater|Banana Republic   Skirt|Alfani   Tights|HUE   Boots|Blossom   Cap|Limited   Bag|Coach

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Lady Mix-a-Lot

As the song goes "my anaconda don't want none unless you've got buns hun!"  Well I got ya covered... that is if we are referring to hair buns.  If you've ever heard the phrase the higher the hair the closer to Heaven then I am right at those Pearly Gates!
Dress| Old Navy   Cardi|Nordstrom   Scarf|Thrifted   Bag|Coach   Shoes|Mossimo

Monday, November 14, 2016

The Devil's Pattern

When I was in junior high I took a class similar to a "modern" Home Ec class.  We learned about cooking, raised those fake crying babies and even learned about fashion.  Well, let me put this another way.  We watched some terrible video telling us about how horrible horizontal stripes were.  This video is seared into my brain, and I literally think of it every time I wear horizontal stripes aka the devil's pattern.  Despite this complete waste of time video, I am happy to have this sweater!
Top|Arizona   Skirt|Macy's   Boots|Blossom   Bag|Coach

Friday, November 11, 2016


Every year I see dozens of posts loudly proclaiming that yes, indeed, you can wear white after Labor Day.  These are usually followed by proclamations that the earth is round and other groundbreaking revelations.  Everybody gets it.  Everybody knows it.  Yet people still feel the need to tell you what you can and can't wear and when.  So it comes as no surprise that I DGAF about the fact that this color palette is more spring/summer than fall.  I'll wear hot pink any ole time!
Coat|Merona   Top|Thrifted   Button up|Gap   Skirt|Thrifted   Pumps&Bag|Coach

Thursday, November 10, 2016


I was in Ohio for the past several days, and I absolutely had to hit up my favorite second hand shop.  I scored this winter coat, a great pair of work pants, a leather sweater and hot pink peplum top for less than $40.  I guess there was a bright spot in my week!  

Speaking of winter coats, I guess we don't put our arms through the armholes anymore.  I don't know who decided this, but it's been ruled on and this is the way it is. To hell with function, winter coats should remain on your shoulders ready to slip off with the slightest movement.  Sticking you arms through the armholes is just soooo done. 
Chambray|Gap   Dress|ELLE   Tights|HUE   Boots|Style&Co.   Coat|Thrifted   Bag|Coach 
Glasses|Charming Charlie

Monday, November 7, 2016

Third Time's a Charm

I've been wearing the heck out of this blanket scarf over the past several weeks, and this is the third time I've featured it on IKC since buying it less than a month ago.  It just goes with everything, and it is the perfect barrier between me and the rapidly chilling air.  This is what I wore on a coffee date with Scot over the weekend.  Our date nights are few and far between with his new work schedule, so we cherish alone time however we can get it.  If our dates come with a double dose of caffeine then I consider it a win win!
Sweater|Limited   Scarf|   Jeans|Mossimo   Boots|Steve Madden   Cap|Columbia   Bag|Coach

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