Thursday, January 26, 2017

No Jacket Required

The weather around here has been crazy town this week!  It was in the 60s, which for the Midwest is practically unheard of in January!  I took full advantage of this and pretended it was fall again.  I returned to my go to color combo of navy and olive with a little splash of red.  This ensemble got me through a date day with my honey without needing to break out the winter coat I stashed in the car.  A girl could get used to this!
Chambray&Beanie|Old Navy   Vest/Skirt|Banana Republic  Tights|HUE   Booties|Style&Co.   Bag|Coach   Scarf|

Everything's Coming Up Beanie

One of my favorite things about winter style is the beanie.  Anything designed to hide a woman's bad hair day is a friend of mine!  Hair a little greasy? Beanie.  Didn't have time to style it? Beanie.  Got a cute new beanie? Beanie.  The answer is always beanie once the temperatures dip below freezing.  
Jacket|Banana Republic   Jeans|Gap   Shirt|Merona   Beanie|Old Navy   Flats|XOXO   Bag|Coach

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Sweater Puppies

Consider this my official declaration: I am a crazy dog lady.  I love anything and everything Scottish Terrier, especially clothing.  Need proof?  Here, here and here! This sweater was gifted to me by my mom who always keeps her eye out for Scottie items for me.  I dress my pups in plaid, so she threw in a purse so I could match my Miss Pearl and Peabody!
Sweater+Vest|Charter Club   Button-down|Old Navy   Leggings|Loft   Boots|Blossom   Bag|Gifted   Beanie|Merona   Glasses|Charming Charlie

Monday, January 9, 2017


This weekend I celebrated my 31st birthday.  Last year I went all out with a house party and a trip to Vegas, but this year I wanted low key.  I spent the day with my hubby, and we took a cooking class with my parents.  The day ended with a spa experience, so I was well fed and pampered all day.  I did manage to lovingly coerce Scot into taking pictures in the freezing cold.  I believe it was around 8 degrees during this shoot!  
Coat|Old Navy  Dress/Skirt|Merona   Tights|xhiliration   Booties|Style&Co   Beanie|Columbia   Sunglasses|Charming Charlie

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Struggle is Real

At times I find myself in a weird struggle with casual clothing.  I find that I mostly like being dressed up in skirts and heels, and when I am "off duty" I go straight to the other end of the spectrum and rock my old Purdue sweat pants and sweatshirt.  Those days that call for an easy going outfit can be the days I spend the most time staring at my closet wondering if I could get away with my suede leather booties and silk dress while in the woods.  I chose a bit more practically today, but the struggle is real!
Shirt|J.Crew   Vest|Banana Republic   Jeans|Gap   Boots|Merona   Bag|Coach   Hat|Columbia   Mittens|Old Navy

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Day Date

This week I had the luxury of spending nonstop time with my husband for over a week.  We are apart often due to work, but we both had the week off.  We spent our time cooking, playing with our pups and visiting friends and family.  One afternoon we went out for cubans at a little hole in the wall place near our house and then did a little shopping, so this was my quick and easy day date look.  It was the perfect outfit for spending some QT with my main cutie.
Shirt|Old Navy   Skirt|Alfani   Jacket|Loft   Tights|HUE   Scarf|Handmade gift   Bag|Coach   Brooch|Gifted   Glasses|Michael Kors  Boots|Jambu

Monday, January 2, 2017

Canadian Tuxedo

This, my friends, is the scaled down version of the classic Canadian Tuxedo.  Typically referring to jeans and a denim jacket, I have my own spin on this look.  The perfect chambray button down combined with a denim pencil skirt!  I picture myself living in this skirt when the weather warms up this spring.  Heck, I see myself living in the chambray too so why don't we just assume this look will be on repeat IRL. 
Chambray|Old Navy   Skirt|Merona   Pumps|Jessica Simpson   Bag|Gifted