Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Ban

I have been on a self imposed clothing shopping ban for the last few months.  I cannot count the amount of times I have had my virtual cart chock full of sale priced goodies (I hate paying full price for anything thanks to my mama's teachings!) only to close the browser tab and try to be grateful for what I have.  It's been rough especially with all the new cute summer dresses coming out!  

The ban is partly for space reasons as my husband recently told me that my totes of clothing (that is out of season or doesn't fit quite right yet)  in the basement MUST GO!  It's partly for maturity reasons in that I find that I have plenty and adding more to my collection doesn't contribute to my happiness in any real way. 

So when my girlfriend gave me a Target gift card for cat sitting for her I immediately abandoned all my morals and drove to Tar-JAY as fast as my wheels could carry me.  I walked away with this lovely for less than 30 bucks!  Ban be damned!
Dress|Here   Belt|Gifted (Italian market)   Bag|Coach   Choker|Charming Charlie 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Devil With a Blue Dress

JK made you look.  Not a devil, just me (depending on who you ask I suppose).  

This dress is one of my spring staples this year.  It's perfect for those late spring days that start and end a bit on the chilly side because of the sleeve length.  It works equally well with boots as it does sandals.  It's all around versatile which is exactly what I need from a piece that takes me through the transition between seasons.  Plus it was less than 30 bucks which cannot be beat!
Dress|Old Navy   Belt|Express   Boots|Blossom

Monday, May 22, 2017


I love a well dressed woman.  It makes me really happy to see someone rocking a great outfit or with their very own awesome sense of style.  Sometimes I simply admire them with an inner 'You go girl' and other times I take mental pictures so that I can recreate (aka STEAL) their look with what I've got in my closet.

Take this look for example.  I was grocery shopping at the mecca of fashionable women everywhere: Meijer.  We were checking out produce next to each other.  She was squeezing avocados and I was pretending I know how to see if oranges are ripe or not.  I loved her look.  It wouldn't have crossed my mind to pair chunky booties with a maxi dress, or top it all off with a tied up chambray.  Thank you Avocado Girl, you're my inspiration! 
Dress|Banana Republic   Chambray|J.Crew   Booties|Merona   Bag|Coach

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Travelin' Oldies

Today I am breaking out oldies but goodies.  This top was purchased when I was college, so probably 10 years ago.  The skirt was a 2011 purchase, the shoes have been in my closet since about 2008 and the purse since 2012.  Whenever I find myself wanting for some new item of clothing that I don't need, I challenge myself to shop the "older" parts of my closet for new inspiration.  It doesn't always work, and sometimes I break and buy something new but I am really trying to change that.  Now all I want to do is save my money for another European vacation or fabulous weekend getaway with Scot, not a pair of shoes I'll wear 4 times.  Maybe I could wear this outfit in Portugal... or Brazil... or Iceland?!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Como La Flor

 Something about the print of this dress makes me so happy.  I love the way the red and the pink work together.  It's the perfect spring dress!  Like every woman come spring I am drawn to flowers of any kind: bonus points if they're on cute clothing!  Double bonus points if they're in a vase on my desk at work making folks jealous.  
Dress|Old Navy   Booties|Style, Inc.   Bag|Coach   Sunnies|Charming Charlie

Monday, May 15, 2017

Merry and Bright

It seems to me that this spring has taken its sweet time with warming us up.  Up until this weekend I was still reaching for my jacket most days!  Luckily I can actually start wearing the warm weather clothes I have been laying out for myself each night in hopes of a warm day, only to be put back int he closet or covered by a sweater.  

This skirt was purchased at a thrift shop for less than 10 bucks.  Perfect for spring, and pairs well with this textured top I scored on super sale at Old Navy in 2014. Paired with some shoes I also scored on super sale this entire outfit is less than $100!
Top|Old Navy   Skirt|Thrifted   Bag|Italian Market   Sunnies|Gifted  Shoes|Bandolino