Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Travelin' Oldies

Today I am breaking out oldies but goodies.  This top was purchased when I was college, so probably 10 years ago.  The skirt was a 2011 purchase, the shoes have been in my closet since about 2008 and the purse since 2012.  Whenever I find myself wanting for some new item of clothing that I don't need, I challenge myself to shop the "older" parts of my closet for new inspiration.  It doesn't always work, and sometimes I break and buy something new but I am really trying to change that.  Now all I want to do is save my money for another European vacation or fabulous weekend getaway with Scot, not a pair of shoes I'll wear 4 times.  Maybe I could wear this outfit in Portugal... or Brazil... or Iceland?!

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