Monday, June 5, 2017

Drunk History

Last Friday Scot and I went to the History on Tap event at Conner Prairie, an 1836 prairie town.  I came here once or twice as a kid for a field trip, but they didn't have every brewery in the city serving up their finest when I was 10!  Since I'm not drinking, I essentially followed around my evermore inebriated husband while drinking Diet Coke.  It was a great time!

Since we're so early in the summer we have those nights that start off blazing hot around 6 and turn chilly by 8:30.  I wrapped my denim jacket around my waist so that when the breeze set in and cooled us off I was able to pop it over my shoulders.  I am so in love with this trend.  I am happy it no longer indicates that you "had an accident" like it did back in high school. Let's keep this one going forever, k?
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