Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Leopard Kimono

Back in high school I had a bunch of really strict style rules that I never broke.  Looking back I think I adhered to these "guidelines" that I would read in a magazine or hear from some stylish upperclassman because I didn't really have my own defined sense of style.  I mean, who does at 15?!  I didn't know what looked good on me, what I really liked or how to dress for me.  I am so glad that has changed, because boy there are some regrettable high school fashion choices I'd like to forget!

One of those (DUMB!) rules was never mixing brown and black.  WHY?  I must have heard this from someone and just accepted it as scripture.  Well folks, that rule is long gone.  High school me would be cringing right now, but she wore skirts over jeans so she can just go jump off a bridge!  Right?  Because how cute is this kimono?  No one believes me when I tell them my husband bought it for me while he was on a business trip a few years ago.  It's one of the more unique pieces I own, so I am glad he didn't know about this silly brown/black fiasco.  Thanks Scot! High School Me would also give Present Me a high five for landing a cute husband, so perhaps all is forgiven. 
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