Monday, August 14, 2017


Every now and again I will wear an outfit that I view as "meh".  Sometimes it is because I am running late and throw on what I can and other times an outfit seems great in my head and not so great IRL.  It happens to the best of us I am sure!  Come on guys, please tell me it does!

This outfit was interesting for me because immediately after leaving my house I regretted it.  The pants  were too baggy and felt unflattering, the prints didn't play so well together and the booties seemed like the wrong choice.  However, it always seems like these are the days where I get the most compliments!  Several people went out of their way to say they liked this look which A) made me feel a lot better and B) made me question my taste!!   
Top|Macy's   Pants|Old Navy   Scarf|H&M   Belt|Limited   
Sunglasses|Betsey Johnson  Booties|Anne Klein

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