Monday, September 11, 2017

Back to School Memories

This time of year brings back so many "back to school" memories for me.  My favorite part of late summer was when my mom would take me shopping for new school clothes.  She was always so encouraging and let me pick out whatever I wanted (within reason).  My mother has always been a little fashionista in her own right, so it was fun to share this time with her.  I spent months planning what I was going to buy and how I was going to style it.  I even had a diary full of potential outfit combinations.  If only I had dedicated this same brain power to chemistry class I probably could have cured cancer by now.

My other distinct back to school shopping memories center around the "fashion shows" me and my sister would put on for my dad.  When we came home from the mall with all of our clothes he would sit patiently while we ran back and forth from our room changing and modeling our new finds.  Looking back I am sure he was bored with this and just making us feel good, but I remember him saying "Wow that is such a nice shirt" like he really meant it! It's probably not much a surprise that I now do this exact thing for internet strangers now!
Top|Merona   Jeans|Gap   Pumps|Coach   Bag|Banana Republic

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