Wednesday, September 27, 2017

That Was Way Harsh

10 points if you get the movie reference!  Although today I mean it in reference to the lighting in these pics, not Cher's ability to drive.

This dress has been in my closet for about two years now.  Here is how I styled it back in 2015.  2015 Kinsey styled this with knee high boots with a nice heel.  2017 Kinsey styled this dress with loafers that my husband affectionately calls the most hideous shoe he has ever seen me wear. What can I say?  He keeps me humble.  

So maybe these leather Coach loafers are the ugliest shoe Scot has ever seen, but me?  I like them!  They are the most comfortable shoe I own, more so than my sneakers!  As I slowly start creeping away from wearing heels all the time, finding flat shoes that I like is essential.  Sorry babe!

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