Monday, January 8, 2018

Snow Day

I am all about the snow and cold temps right up until Christmas.  After that?  This weather can go off and die thanks.  I am lucky I have a girlfriend who doesn't mind traipsing out in the snow to shoot a few pictures when the flurries are falling!  Girlfriends like this deserve medals, though I just gave mine a beer.  Close second.   

I have been scouring magazines, Pinterest and all my favorite bloggers' looks to find ways to keep stylish when it gets bitterly cold.  It seems like it is so difficult to be chic and warm.  At some point I just give up and zip up my parka over my long johns, but I hate it!  Luckily I have invested in some really great winter coats over the years which helps, but beyond that I get a little stuck.  How do you keep stylish during winter?
Coat/Turtleneck/Beanie/Mittens|Old Navy   Scarf|Red Raccoon   Tights|Hue   Boots|Duck Boots   Shorts|Mossimo

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