Friday, January 19, 2018

Winter Style MVP | Leather Harley-Davidson Boots

For the first time in what feels like forever we've got some double digit temperatures here in Indy!  No, I don't mean that -16 we had last week, but actually above freezing.  It literally feels like tropical Cozumel out here right now (okay, it's like 35).  I could ditch those bulky woolen winter coats in favor of lighter jackets as long as I grabbed a scarf and beanie.  

These trusty Harley Davidson boots have been my go-to this winter.  I typically don't wear the same footwear day after day, but I cannot think of a time within the past few weeks that these have not taken up valuable real estate south of my ankles.  They have heels, but amazing traction so I don't worry about slipping on ice.  When I picked them up in Nashville over Labor Day weekend I worried they weren't exactly my style, but they are really my winter MVP!
Jacket|Heathcliff   Blouse/Scarf/Beanie|Old Navy   Jeans|F21   Boots|Harley Davidson   Bag|Danbury Mint   

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