Sunday, March 4, 2018

Drinkin and Antiquin

Hey there!  I hope everyone is having a great week.  I sure am, because I got to visit one of my favorite places in Indy, Midland Art and Antiques Market this weekend.  I could spend a few hours looking around this place for vintage clothing, antiques and great mid-century furniture.  My girlfriend Mandy and I snapped a few pictures after our shopping trip before hitting some local breweries for an Indy flight trip.  We do this regularly and call it Drinkin' and Antiquin'!  If you steal this idea for a hit TV show give me a million dollars please and thanks!

Let's take a minute to talk about this coat.  I have been on the hunt for the perfect leopard coat for years, and just never found the one.  The pattern either seemed too juvenile, the fit wasn't great or it was over $300.  I don't mind spending for a classic winter coat, but I am not sure I can justify that much for a coat when I have a dozen already hanging in my entry closet.   I was happy to find this temporary placeholder a few weeks ago though!  It's not the one, but I like it enough for now and I snagged it on sale for less than $35!  I am happy to keep this coat while I continue my search for the Holy Grail.  Honestly, knowing me I think that I will end up keeping this one and never get another because "I already have one".  
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Leah Behr said...

That is such a fabulous coat! Love how you styled it.

xx Leah /