Thursday, April 19, 2018

Tell Me About It, Stud

I get giddy over a good deal.  I've never dabbled in drugs, but can anything really compare to the high you get when you score a piece you're really excited about for next to nothing?  If you know the answer to that keep it to yourself, because I don't want to know.  I was able to pick up this skirt on clearance at Forever 21 (I know, I know am I even allowed in there now that I am over 30?) for $3!  

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Let's Flamin-Go!

Alright you guys, I am feeling like a total broken record this month.  We get brief glimpses of warm weather and sunny skies, so I immediately think I can break out the open toed sandals and ditch the coats.  Not even 18 hours after these pictures were shot a winter storm is dumping out inches of snow right outside.  COME. ON!  I don't want to keep weaving back and forth from winter and spring style!  Make up your mind or else I'll be schlepping through the snow in my sandals just to spite you Mother Nature!
Dress&Jacket|Forever 21   Bag|Old Navy   Sandals|xhiliration

Monday, April 9, 2018

Pink Panther

A bout once a month I head out to some local thrift shops and try and score some inexpensive unique pieces to add to my wardrobe.  I slip earbuds in and listen to my favorite podcasts while I spend a few hours wading through the various racks.  It's so much fun, and a really relaxing way to spend a Saturday morning.  

Recently I scored this vintage pink dress.  It is need of some alterations (shorten, tailor shoulders) before it's a real stunner, but I couldn't resist wearing it already. 
Dress|Thrifted   Coat|Macy's   Bag|Old Navy   Coat|Jessica Simpson

Tuesday, April 3, 2018


All this back and forth with our Spring weather (2 inches of snow covering the ground in the morning and in the 50s by dinner!) makes it pretty difficult to get dressed in the morning.  This poncho is one of my favorite transitional pieces because it offers warmth but is also vented on the sides.   I typically keep this in heavy rotation during the fall due to the color, but I have been reaching for it more and more this spring.

Speaking of transitions I am feeling like my hair is in a major transition phase right now.  I'm not super happy with the color (I always itch to change it every few months) and the length is that weird "grown out" phase between bob and shoulder length.  I'm thinking of chopping it again and bringing back the bob, or maybe going darker.  I just need something different for Spring!
Poncho|Banana Republic   Leggings|Here   Pumps|BCBG   Bag|Coach   Sweater|The Limited