About Kinsey

Hi!  Welcome to In Kinsey's Closet.  I'm Kinsey!  Born and raised in Indiana, I am a 30-something budget friendly body positive blogger.  I started IKC as a way to have a creative outlet shortly after graduating from my master's program with a degree in marriage and family therapy.  Since then I have been mostly sharing style posts with occasional dabbles in lifestyle content.

I noticed that even as my income grew, the amount of time and money I was willing to put into my style was remaining pretty low!  I love high end fashion bloggers, but I am not one of them!  My focus is on affordable and attainable fashion that suits my body type.  I buy most (if not all!) of my clothing on sale, with gift cards or from thrift shops.  I want to look like a million bucks while spending under $100!  I can thank my deal seeking mama for drilling this into me at a young age!

I live in Indianapolis with my husband Scot and my two Scottish Terriers Miss Pearl and Peabody.  I work in mental health, and when I am not working I like to cook, spend time with my friends exploring my beloved city and working on IKC.  I am a sucker for a good theme party, and you can find me geeking out over the latest food trend in Indy.  

I am happy to answer any of your questions.  All you have to do is ask!